How we work

In the high-pressured world of live events, our premium live streaming service offering is based on honesty, trust and partnership. We listen to your unique requirements to create a strategy that is custom-designed for your event and audience.

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The Corrivium way

Meticulous planning

Without a well-engineering plan, success is a hope, rather than a certainty. We have a meticulous planning process that follows frequent milestones to make sure we’re on-track and exceeding your expectations.

Testing and executing

All our live streaming events are carefully tested beforehand, and we always operate with three levels of redundancy. This ensures we’re well-placed with a plan of action when faced with the unexpected.


Looking back at what worked well helps us cement our partnership together and ensures we can continue to provide the best possible service for your future events.

The process for absolute confidence

We want your live streaming event to succeed just as much as you do. When you’ve chosen our proven live stream experience and it’s time to go live, you can be 100% confident that the assessments, testing and back-up systems we’ve put in place will keep you live every minute you want to be. Our meticulous support services are perfect for live stream presentations that simply can’t go wrong.

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Our network of live delivery experts

Technical Directors

With a focus on solutions architecture coupled with advanced project management skills, our TD's will confidently lead you through the project lifecycle from pre production to live delivery. With meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured, nothing will be left to chance.


Our producers have years of experience in project management, storytelling and videography. They’ll work to ensure your event executes to plan and achieves your desired business objectives.

Broadcast Technicians

Our broadcast technicians are on hand for every project, conducting extensive risk assessments and pre event testing before leading you through the live delivery experience. They troubleshoot and resolve any problems on the ground, making sure that your live stream runs smoothly and reliably every time.

Network Engineers

Making sure that the network is solid and reliable is essential during a live stream event. We have a team of talented and passionate network engineers who live and breathe network redundancy. They ensure that even when we’re faced with the unexpected your event remains live.


We have a highly skilled team of developers who are focused on deploying quality, branded live stream platform solutions for our customers. Importantly, they are practised at working in tight-timeline environments where deadlines are deadlines.

Support Consultants

Our team of professional and friendly support consultants are on hand to provide assistance to your audience pre, during and post your live event. Whether it be instant chat or email support, our team appreciate that time is of the essence and pride themselves on providing timely and relevant support services.

Our partners and equipment

We pride ourselves on offering a high-tech, cutting-edge live streaming service, which is why we’ve partnered with the world’s leading technology providers. We use broadcast-grade equipment that is considered to be amongst the most advanced in the field, and can be trusted to keep your virtual event live whenever you want it to be.

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How we can help

Meticulous pre-event risk assessments

We test, test and test again using our three-layer testing cycle, leaving nothing up to chance to make sure your live broadcast is always on.

Customisable platforms for attendee engagement

Engage with your attendees like never before by working with us to create an event microsite that will have your audience captivated from start to finish.

The world’s best technology

We use the most advanced technology in the live streaming industry to provide you with the most cutting-edge, reliable and professional experience.

Network of specialists

Wherever you are in the world, our highly skilled professionals are on-hand to support you before, during and after your event.

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