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Corrivium works with the world’s leading brands to deliver a cutting-edge, live streaming experience for high-profile events. Meticulous, reliable and methodical in our approach, our focus is on operational excellence. Armed with the best technology in the business, we specialise in large-scale events where nothing can be left to chance, and success is the only possible outcome. With a global network of digital professionals to support you at your event, our unwavering commitment to deliver a precise and flawless live streaming service means brands can always have the confidence to go live.

Live encoding

Deloitte State of the Nation

Broadcasting a nationwide address



Deloitte Australia runs a bi-annual nationwide staff address named 'State of the Nation'. Deloitte needed a live streaming solution that was not only of a very high quality and reliable, but would stream to an audience of thousands, who were spread across multiple venues and across different timezones. This included locations throughout their internal network, as well as at external venues. It was also important to Deloitte that the content was protected, and only authorised users would be able to access it.


We worked with the Deloitte Australia IT team to create a bespoke web front end, which included multiple layers of security to make sure only authorised users could see the live stream. Also, to lessen the load on the Deloitte Australia internal network, Corrivium and Deloitte IT deployed an Elemental Delta Origin Server to ensure the additional traffic would not impact other business critical systems.


Reaching a nationwide audience of over 6,000 people, Deloitte's 2017 State of the Nation address was delivered seamlessly to all of those who watched. The overall result was a successful live stream to all of Deloitte's staff across Asia-Pacific, but also a delayed stream for the viewers on the west coast of Australia, as well as all seven Video On Demand assets edited and delivered by the end of the live event.

Live Broadcast

Miss Universe 2016, Manilla

Broadcasting an event to Facebook and YouTube



Miss Universe is a global organisation that holds beauty pageants around the world. The Miss Universe team wanted the 2016 event in Manilla to reach their audience via traditional broadcasting, but also via their ever growing online audience on social media. Because of the high visibility and extensive reach of this event, they wanted this to be done using a high-quality, reliable live streaming solution.


Corrivium worked with Miss Universe, as well as IMG, to build a solution that incorporated multiple tiers of resiliency. We did this by using two independent encoding paths over separate networks, so the stream would be kept live at all times. This solution would also provide the ability to turn around records and edits very quickly.


Reaching a global audience, the 2016 Miss Universe Manilla live stream was successfully delivered, and the number of online views and social impressions surpassed all previous records.

Live Streaming

Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 hour Endurance Race

Live streaming for 12 hours across four social media platforms



The Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour is Australia’s premier endurance car race. Having increased their social media presence, and having a variety of social live streaming platforms to utilise, the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour social team wanted to make sure they could successfully live stream the entire event to four different social platforms simultaneously.


To successfully deliver this type of event takes a high density level of encoding, so Corrivium used Elemental Cloud encoding for both encoding and cloud archiving. Elemental’s cloud solution not only provides on-demand Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based encoding nodes that can handle such encoding jobs, but also integrates seamlessly with AWS S3, which means it can then be archived to the cloud.


The Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour was successfully streamed across four social channels for the entirety of the race, including Facebook Live and YouTube Live. This solution resulted in an increase in Liqui-Moly's overall audience numbers, but also meant there was an improvement in picture quality for all viewers. After the event, the Video on Demand was available almost immediately as uploading from onsite was not needed.

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