Our values

Live events are high-pressured environments, and the best results are achieved when everyone is working in sync. So our approach to each and every project is based on honesty, trust and partnership. We start by listening to your unique event requirements, and create a delivery strategy that is custom-designed for your event and your audience. Our aim is provide a premium service that takes the fear out of live streaming at high-visibility, large-scale events.


Live streaming might be a medium you’ve used before, but every event is entirely unique and needs to be treated as such. We go to great lengths to understand your goals and create a strategy that is designed to accommodate your venue, audience and project perfectly.

Excellence and precision

We know there is no room for error when it comes to high-profile events. We have an unwavering commitment to being the best of the best, and we are painstakingly rigorous and methodical in our approach.

Straight talking

We communicate openly and honestly about what will and won’t work, so that your expectations are perfectly in line with what is possible on the day.

Partnership and trust

We understand what is at stake during a live event, so it’s our aim to create a partnership that is based on trust, so you can have complete confidence to go live.

Our process

We want your event to succeed just as much as you do. When the time comes to go live, we want you to be 100% confident that the risk assessments, testing and back-up systems we have in place will keep your event live at all times. We don’t want to leave anything to chance, which is why we are meticulous about planning and preparing for your event.



Without a well-engineered plan, success is a hope, rather than a certainty. We have a rigorous planning process, and we set frequent milestones to make sure we are on-track and in-line with your expectations.



All live events are meticulously tested beforehand. So much so that by the time you’re live, we’ve delivered the event twice under test conditions. Testing brings out the unknowns, and provides the confidence needed once the countdown starts.



Even with the most rigorous planning and testing, there are still components of live streaming that are unpredictable. We always operate with three levels of redundancy, so, if we are faced with the unexpected, we are well placed for quick, rehearsed, well-thought-out plans of action so that your event remains live at all times.



Even when we’ve had a successful event, looking back at what worked well and where refinement could add extra value helps us cement our partnership, and give you the best possible service for future events.

Our equipment

We pride ourselves on offering a high-tech, cutting-edge service, so we have partnered with the world’s leading technology providers to give you the best live streaming experience possible. We use broadcast-grade equipment that is considered to be amongst the most advanced of its type, and can be trusted to keep your event live at all times.


To turn your live video into content that is viewable across all devices, we use Elemental encoders, which are high-end, enterprise encoders at the forefront of encoding technology. These encoders produce video of outstanding quality, and, as an accredited partner of Elemental Technologies, we trust their technology implicitly.


We use Elemental and Amazon Web Service cloud technology to keep your event live at all times. This technology also enables us to scale our services at a moment’s notice, meaning we can handle any unexpected requests for a live stream, anywhere in the world.

Hosting and delivery

We use Amazon Cloudfront and Akamai, which are the world’s largest Content Delivery Networks, and have a global reach, meaning your content can be delivered anywhere in the world. We host with Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), so we can always keep your content safe and secure.


Our Satellite partner has an expansive satellite and fibre network that spans the globe. By utilising this, as well as emerging technologies such as bonded 4G transmission, we are able to transmit your event back to one of our global cloud encoding deployments in the cloud, reliably and securely.

Our network

Our network of digital specialists spans across the globe, so no matter where you are in the world, you can expect to have a team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals on the ground with you for your event. Live broadcasting to large audiences is where our expertise lies, and our technicians have the ability and confidence to deal with any live situation.


Our directors have years of experience in storytelling and videography. They can assist you with the creative look and feel of the video, including decisions on lighting, angles, shot selection and how your event is portrayed on screen.


Our developers not only understand video, they know ‘live’ inside out. They understand the subtle differences between Video On Demand (VOD) and live streaming, and, importantly, they are practised at working in deadline oriented environments where deadlines are deadlines.

Network engineers

Making sure that the network is solid and reliable is essential during a high-profile event. We have a global pool of network engineers who are talented and passionate about what they do.

Broadcast engineers

Our broadcast engineers troubleshoot and resolve any problems on the ground, and make sure that the video moves from one part of the world to another smoothly and reliably.

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