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Flawless live video streaming for your audience

Bring your event to your audience in real time with Corrivium’s live delivery platform. Our customisable platform solutions boost your organisation’s exposure on and after event day.

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A next-level virtual event solution

  • A consultative approach

    Our team works with you to customise your live delivery platform, providing a solution that’s focused on your needs and objectives.

  • Enhance audience engagement

    Our secure and customisable platform is designed to make it easy for your audience to participate, increasing their interaction and connection with your message.

  • Real-time multi-layered analytics

    Our real-time analytics provide audience insights helping you to understand what they like throughout the duration of your event. Take the opportunity to fine-tune your conference or summit the next time you stream.


The premium live delivery platform choice

Establishing trusted partnerships

We take the time to listen to your goals, creating the perfect branded content for your audience, venue and project.

Secure, controlled user access

No matter where you are or where your audience is, our live streaming services can give more people access to your event, while simultaneously protecting their privacy.


With social integration and enhanced audience engagement tools, our live delivery platform makes for a next-level event experience for your audience.

Prepared for anything

We operate with three levels of redundancy so that, in the case of something unpredictable happening, we're able to respond quickly to ensure you’re always live when you want to be.

Sharing and distribution

Our round-the-clock global solutions can reach your audience anytime and anywhere.

Audience and technical support

We are here to support you with instant chat or email audience support, as well as technical live delivery platform help.

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Bring the power of live delivery to your organisation

Featuring a high-quality player and rich microsite templates, Corrivium’s live delivery platform offering is unrivalled when it comes to audience experience. You’ll be able to access real-time multilayer analytics to help you learn more about your audience, and our live chat support is on hand to make sure your live streaming event goes off without a hitch.

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  • Premium event broadcasting services
  • Experienced technical team
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