Awards Ceremonies

Give worldwide recognition to your recipients

Awards ceremonies are always something to be celebrated, and live streaming means your audience doesn’t have to miss out on a moment - no matter where they’re tuning in from. Let the expert team at Corrivium bring your next awards ceremony to life through live stream.

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Premium awards ceremony streaming services

  • A consultative approach

    Our experienced technical production team works with you to create the perfect strategy for live streaming your awards ceremony.

  • Simulcast to social media

    Expand your event’s reach by providing a free live stream for your audience on social media or another third party platform.

  • Real-time multi-layered analytics

    Our analytics mean you can learn from your audience in real-time, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune future awards ceremonies broadcasts to their preferences.

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Premium awards streaming services

An experienced technical team

The Corrivium team are passionate about delivering seamless awards ceremonies that are truly accessible.

World-wide streaming

Our live streaming services can give more people access to your awards ceremony, no matter where they’re tuning in from.

Secure or open streaming

We always look out for the privacy of your attendees and have a range of streaming solutions for you to choose from.

Live, simulive or VOD

We can stream your awards ceremony live, simulive or via video-on-demand.

Risk assessments

We conduct thorough risk assessments before your awards ceremony, ensuring the entire event is seamlessly live.

Integrate with social or other providers

Your awards ceremony broadcast facilitates next-level audience interaction and engagement.

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Celebrate your organisations achievements - live!

There’s so much to think about when planning an awards ceremony, so why not let Corrivium take the stress away? Our expert team can deliver your awards ceremony to the world in the highest broadcast quality. Combined with our event management and video production, we can handle everything you need for taking your awards ceremony to a wider online audience.

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  • Premium event broadcasting services
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