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Engage your audience like never before

Whether you’re hosting a business conference or a digital summit, we know that you need the day to go off without a hitch. Let the Corrivium team take care of your conference or summit streaming from beginning to end, so you can focus on the important stuff.

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Premium conferences & summit streaming services

  • A consultative approach

    Our experienced technical production team works with you to create the best conference streaming strategy for your event.

  • Enhance audience engagement

    Our secure and customisable platform is designed to make it easy for your audience to participate, increasing their interaction and connection with you and your message.

  • Real-time multi-layered analytics

    Our real-time analytics mean you can learn about your audience and what they like throughout the duration of your event, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your conference or summit for next time.

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Premium virtual conference and summit streaming

An experienced team

The Corrivium team are passionate about delivering seamless events that really make an impact.

Live, simulive or VOD

We can stream your video conference live, simulive or via video-on-demand.

Flexible scheduling

We can deliver multi-day conferences and summits, concurrent keynotes and breakouts, working to your event vision.

Risk assessments

We conduct thorough risk assessments before your video conference or digital summit, ensuring the event runs perfectly.

Live chat support

The Corrivium team are on-hand to help at any time in the lead-up to and during your event.

World-wide streaming

Our live streaming services can give more people access to your conference or summit from anywhere in the world.

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Take the stress out of streaming your conference or summit

Setting up a virtual conference or digital summit can be tricky, so why not let the Corrivium team take care of it for you? Our team has years of experience in orchestrating business conferences and summit streaming setups, meaning you can focus on making your event the best it can be. Our live streaming services include meticulous pre-event risk-assessments and on-site encoding, as well as using only the best quality broadcast equipment available.

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  • Premium event broadcasting services
  • Experienced technical team
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