Hybrid Events

The best of both worlds for your audience

Let the Corrivium team bring your event to life both in-person and online with our hybrid event management services. We’ll handle everything from start to finish for seamless event delivery.

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Premium hybrid event management

  • Technical event support

    Our experienced technical production team works with you to create the perfect hybrid event that’s focused on your unique needs and the objectives of your event.

  • Hybrid event support

    We’re here to help at every stage of the hybrid event process, with onsite technical support from our dedicated team.

  • Best practice risk mitigation

    We test, test, test and test again to make sure your hybrid event runs totally smoothly, both in-person and online.


Truly memorable virtual events

A tailored approach

We take the time to listen to your goals, creating the perfect hybrid event strategy for your project, audience and venue.


Our easy-to-use platform is designed to enhance audience interaction, connection and engagement this lifts the virtual attendees experience, giving them more opportunity for connection with their onsite peers.

World-wide streaming

Our live streaming services can give more people access to your hybrid event from anywhere in the world.

Risk assessments

We conduct thorough risk assessments before your hybrid event, ensuring the day runs seamlessly.

Hybrid event specialists

Our experienced technical production team are passionate about delivering high-quality hybrid events.

Multi-layered analytics

Our advanced analytics capabilities mean you can learn about your audience and what they like during your hybrid event.

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The magic of live events, broadcast to the world

Attract both in-person and virtual attendees to your event with Corrivium’s hybrid event platform and management services. Our experienced technical production team can handle your live streaming, content management, event management and broadcasting for your next conference, webinar, meeting or ceremony. And, we’re AWS certified, using only the best technology available in the industry.

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  • Premium event broadcasting services
  • Experienced technical team
  • Elemental and AWS Partner