Parliamentary Sittings

Professional live streams for Parliamentary Sittings

Corrivium’s team of experts are able to deliver seamless, reliable and totally secure live stream and broadcasting services for parliamentary sittings. Let us take care of your live stream needs with our customisable and easily accessible broadcasting platform.

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Premium live stream services for parliamentary sittings

  • Live streaming delay for suppression

    Easily protect the privacy of those attending the parliamentary sitting with live streaming delay technology that allows time for suppression to occur.

  • A consultative approach

    The Corrivium team will work with your team to create the best ideal live stream and broadcasting strategy for your parliamentary sittings.

  • Best practice risk mitigation

    Our staff test, test, test and test our enterprise-grade technology again and again to make sure your parliamentary sitting live stream is uninterrupted by technical issues.


The best choice for parliamentary sitting broadcasts

Team of technical experts

The Corrivium team are experts in their fields. We pride ourselves on excellence, precision, and clear communication throughout all projects.

Establishing trusted partnerships

We understand the needs of a parliamentary sitting live stream and work with you to create a customised strategy.

Stream from any location

Our platform makes it easy for users to privately access parliamentary sitting live streams from any location.

Any length of parliamentary sitting

We can cater to both single-day, multi-day and multi-week parliamentary sittings.

Create a VOD library

Creating a video-on-demand library makes it simple for parliament staff to access recorded information when they need it.

Prepared for anything

We operate with three levels of redundancy so that we're able to respond quickly to any issues that may occur.

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Parliamentary sitting live streams without the hassle

We understand the unique needs when it comes to parliamentary sitting live streams, and we’re able to offer a flexible broadcast service that suits your requirements. We aim to deliver a seamless experience for your staff and attendees, starting with a consultancy service to audit and advise the best live streaming solution for your needs. Get in touch with our expert team today.

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